Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Party Insurance!

Well why not?

It is the Diamond Jubilee after all;  it doesn’t happen every year! 🙂

On Tuesday 5 June 2012, The Queen will travel from Westminster Hall, the Palace of Westminster and then of course onto Buckingham Palace for tea and biscuits (?) as part of The Diamond Jubilee official procession.

We can expect parties will burst forth all over the UK (I know I’ve received plenty of invites already) and no doubt there will be raucous celebration of all types and variations.

But what about the risk I hear you splutter?  Are we at RiskHeads not concerned about such unbridled abandon?!  What if someone were hurt?

Of course we’re concerned!  …which is why we are inviting all insurers and fellow risk-heads to create a policy that caters for just such events.  No doubt some of you will already have something waiting in the wings, and here at RH we make it our job to know about it the moment it hits the streets.

So far we’ve seen a few liability policies very broadly casting their net over general events but nothing we’d like to call Her Majesty the Queen of England’s Official Diamond Jubilee Party Insurance Policy.  So, it’s time to clear this up.  Get cracking, send us your ideas and bullet proof cover for all types of royal fun situation, jubilee frolic-making and general diamond party goodness.

We might even make a list!

Photo by National Library of Ireland on The Commons

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