Reap the benefits of motorbike ownership in 1 step

The epitome of freedom could be seen as owning a motorcycle. We can all conjure up images of legendary motorcycle marques, routes, and motorcyclists across the eras. Such a freewheeling lifestyle could easily become full of bitter regrets however should the right kind of insurance purchase not accompany the procurement of the bike.

Fully comprehensive, third party only, or third party fire and theft choices exist to allow the motorcycle owner to choose which level of investment best suits their needs, lifestyle and aversion to risk.

Motorbike insurance can further add flexibility to your lifestyle as both web-based and telephone take-on of insurance can give you peace of mind from day one. British-based call centres and online providers allow for 24 hour service, advice, updates and claims administration.

Recognising that for some buying a bike represents a more economical way of making their transport budget go further, as well as that for others their motorcycle is not their primary vehicle and is therefore a significant other investment, flexible payment solutions for motorbike insurance exist. For better budgeting, payments can be tailored to your needs, even being spread over twelve months for the annual premium.

Motorcycle insurance can also give you the liberty to use your bike as way to explore and find new horizons. Travel with your bike can bring ultimate freedom if you choose an insurer offering travel and continental cover.

Whether your motorbike is your way to work or your weekend wonder, theft remains an issue. Motorcycle insurance is the obvious choice to avoid any financial shock should your bike unfortunately be stolen and not recovered. Market-value payouts mean that you will be able to replace your motorbike at your own convenience.

It is not just financial stress that may be suffered if you neglect to purchase insurance when your purchase your bike. Loss or damage to your motorcycle is also inconvenient. Motorcycle insurance can give you the ability to cover the cost of repairs as well as replace the bike should it be stolen, damaged or destroyed. Transport to your closest garage for repairs can also be included in your policy to remove some of the inconvenience from your nasty experience.

The freedom of the open road beckons with a bike. That however is no excuse to ride without an appropriate level of motorbike insurance. Indeed, purchase of a policy in tandem with your bike actually frees you up to go wherever you want.

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