The Skills that Are Most Needed from Insurance Technology Professionals

It can be hard hiring the right talent to take your insurance brokerage to the next level. The insurance industry in the UK is lagging behind other sectors in implementing technology but given the size of investment required; brokers and insurers need to focus on bringing the right talent in to implement new technology for the maximum benefits. So what do your insurance techies need to be able to do?


The best insurance technology people have incredible communication skills. They can show the benefits of new technologies clearly and to a wide range of audiences. That’s not just the big bosses but also the people who will be affected directly by the technologies you adopt. Their skills most also extend to written communication so that the reports you receive add bottom line value to your insurance business.

Align With the Organization

You don’t need someone who can hit the ground running; no matter how urgent your needs are. What you really need is someone who takes time to integrate with your business and understand the implications of making changes. They need to be able to get a feel for everyone affected by a decision and then bring them on board before moving you to the next technological level.

Deliver Meaningful Analytics

Yes, we’re in the age of big data but that doesn’t mean that you can just throw a bunch of tool at that data and hope for the best. You need tech staff that fully understand the business drivers for analytical success. You want people who can tailor data to deliver meaningful and actionable recommendations for your insurer.

Understand the Importance of Security

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; insurers and brokers need to act like a data breach will happen and plan for when it does rather than if it does. Shockingly, one of the reasons that cyber insurance in the UK is underdeveloped is because insurers themselves don’t fully understand the risks. Getting the right team with the right security knowledge won’t just improve your own data security – it may improve your future product offerings too.

Flexible and Adaptable to All Kinds of Tech

These are the days when Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is catching on and insurers and brokers need to be able to adapt to the fluid choice of platforms that their people want to use. Then there’s the fact that new developments arise daily in the technology world. The best techies for your insurance business can flex and adapt to all forms of technology – complete specialism won’t cut it any longer in the technology world.

Problem Solvers

It might seem obvious but the purpose of technology investment is for it to solve problems; your problems, your customer’s problems, your supplier’s problems, etc. You need to ensure that you techies aren’t working to demand but are capable of grabbing the bull by the horns and then leading it to a place where it causes no more harm. Problems solving is key to this.

Social Media Savvy

Social media is an area that many businesses struggle with; this is despite the fact that it continues to grow in importance as a customer contact channel. Not every techie you hire has to be a social media expert but it would be useful if at least one of them was. You can grow your profits and reduce your costs if you use social media well. Insurance is such a competitive marketplace that this skill set is now a no-brainer for investing in.


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