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After many, many months of hard work, love, sweat, pain and great code(!), we’re pleased to unveil the new SchemeServe, version 4.4.

There are over 100 new features and improvements to look forward to in this release, and a list of the main features is here.  The most important new ones include:

Split Risk Rating Matrices now editable by you.

Edit all types of auto-rating rules when cover is first held, at renewal and MTA (e.g. automatically charge more for specific coverage based on policy CLR for specific claim types).

Create granular rules for auto-generation of static documents.

…alongside dynamic ones.  With this mix and match approach you can use dynamic documents when you need special fields, and PDF static docs can be attached at other times, for instance for summary of cover documents.

Use dynamic text in your endorsement library.

…and control rules for automatic endorsement creation (e.g. conditions, terms and memoranda added to documentation generated).

Improved Scheme Editor.

Launch new schemes even more easily in-house, making it a snap to mix direct and via-subbroker schemes, including with differing payment options (or if you prefer, take payment in-house).

Even more graphs and reports.

Take a look through the new reporting and graphs section, split risk groups in particular has meant lots of changes.

Even better system performance and speed!

There are a whole host of optimisations in there again this time, so you should find the product another order of magnitude faster again.

Referral Authority levels.

Optionally only allow referals to be cleared by staff with the correct authority level for that specific type of referral).

Policy Allocation.

Set rules to allocate users to manage only specific schemes and/or accounts, with overrides for staff absence.

More payment options.

If taking payments online with SchemeServe, now use Sage Pay (formerly ProtX) or PayPal.

Improved Direct Scheme Support.

Get Quote process for direct schemes now easier than ever, making it a snap for clients to get quotes and go-oncover etc.

Improved Questions Editor.

More powerful questions editor with more options to trigger new questions and pages, specify more field types, legal ranges, risk groups and modifiers.

New Import/Export for rating matrices.

Export the underlying rating matrices for any scheme to Excel, edit, then re-import.

New look Admin page.

New icons and Admin panel with improved accessibility to core features and navigation shortcuts.

As always, existing SchemeServe users need do nothing – you will automatically be given access to the new version of SchemeServe at the same URL, at no charge.

To celebrate the release of the new version we’ll be offering £200 cash back to our first 100 sign-ups here.

As always, we offer a no obligation 30-day free trial on all our plans, so check it out.

Let us know what you think!

Photo by Julian Partridge

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