4 Areas in Which Technology Can Help Insurance Marketing and Vice-Versa

If you’re wondering what to invest in, in terms of technology, this year for your insurance brokerage – you could do worse than focus on technologies which can help with marketing and selling your products. You should also look at how marketing can support these technologies. We’ve got some ideas that might help you focus that investment with 4 areas of technology that show the most promise for marketing and selling in the insurance field:

Online Portals

Many brokers are already using online quotation and payment systems. For example, SchemeServe can be used to deliver this functionality easily. However, there are still holdouts on this front. There’s really no time like the present to join the internet age and get this moving. Today’s customers young and old are more likely to buy online than anywhere else.

Don’t forget to make it clear to your customers that they can get quotes and pay online in your marketing collateral.

There is a caveat to this – going online doesn’t mean abandoning your existing sales infrastructure. There are still clients who prefer to deal over the phone or face-to-face. There’s no need for an either-or scenario here, you can use both without breaking the bank.


Mobile is the new gateway to the internet. It’s likely to overtake desktop and laptop access in the near future and a good 40% of business is conducted online. You need to ensure your brokerage is positioned to take advantage of mobile and ensure that your marketing is up to scratch for the platform.

Conversely if you are ready to go with mobile; your marketing should reflect how easy your site is to use on smartphones, your website should have click-to-call functions and you might even consider using some QR codes in printed material to make access even easier.

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing is a big field. It’s more than a website and it’s more than SEO. There are dozens of different iterations such as SEM (Search Engine Marketing), PPC (Pay Per Click), PPI (Pay Per Impression), etc.

If you haven’t got an internet marketing consultant to hand, it might be time to invest in one. A good consultant will help you grow your business and thus your marketing spend.

You don’t need to tell the world that you’re using a consultant but you might want to share details of campaigns you’re running – particularly if they include discounts.

Future Resistant Technology

All technology dates and most of it dates quickly. If you’ve taken care of all the above – you might want to look at future-proofing your investment. You need to stay at the cutting edge of marketing if you’re going to get the best rewards from it.

What’s coming from manufacturers of software and hardware in the near future? How can you position your brokerage to get the first adopter advantage without over spending?

Once, you’ve worked that out and a strategy to deliver it. You should start telling your customers about the work you’re doing too… so they have something to look forward to.

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