Calls for Alistair Darling to resign over insurance industry snub.

Pressure is mounting today on Alistair Darling as voices from within the industry call for his resignation over after it is alleged he compared the insurance industry to a “Ponzi scheme of Madoff proportions”.

Darling’s press office immediately responded to the allegations by releasing a statement, claiming “Even if Alistair did make these comments (and we’re not in a position to confirm or deny this), what people must try to remember is this Government is here to serve the people and that the Chancellor is no more expected to understand economic theory than the Prime Minister is expected to demonstrate competent leadership or understand foreign policy.”

Mr Darling was unavailable for comment, however sources close to him say he is “nonplussed” by the whole affair and is rumoured to have spent the day in an undisclosed location playing table tennis with Ed Balls.

Gordon Brown, during his weekly spot on Piers Morgan’s evening talk show (“Things can only get better”), broke his silence on the issue stating that “I never liked him anyway”, when, in a controversial and unprecedented move, Piers invited him to talk “about the issues and not focus on the vastly insignificant personal angles”. The Prime Minister responded, stating that “[we] have consulted several expert lobbyists for the insurance industry and they assure me everything is just fine. What more can we do?”. The FSA was not mentioned, presumably because they’re now well known to be about as useful as a one legged man in an arse kicking contest.

As more and more tabloid pressure mounts on Darling, it would appear his support from the political giant that is Gordon “We saved the world” Brown is beginning to wane. Insider sources within government say “This is a tipping point for Darling, and the moment we locate the Cabinet, action will be taken…”


  1. I wish people would leave Mr Darling alone so he could get on with his job. He has a hard job at the moment and doesn’t need this sort of thing.

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