Economic crisis for insurance brokers over

Insurance Times have a number of positive stories to tell this week.

Amidst the usual job cuts by Lloyds and more AIG doom and gloom, there are a number of more positive movements beginning to appear on the radar.

To name just a few:

Still, things are bad enough for Aviva to issue a recession guide for brokers only Tuesday. (Get your copy by emailing, asking for the “Your Practical Guide to Recession” guide.

Excuses for jobcuts made by Lloyds and their peers would seem to point to greater deployment of insurance agency software in our industry (at last); I have to wonder if this means that after all the innovation that a dry period innevitably brings, we may now be entering a new era of insurance online.

What do you think?

Is your organisation still feeling the crunch or are things on the up?

Photo by Elva Keaton

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