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There’s no doubting the importance of social media for making connections with potential customers and for consolidating relationships with existing clients. However, one of the big challenges facing insurance brokers and insurers is how to tackle social media in a meaningful way. Too many LinkedIn profiles and Facebook accounts start with good intentions and then become a repository for marketing material which doesn’t connect with an audience at all or worse actively discourages an audience from engaging with a brand.

LinkedIn – Where Businesses Go to Connect

While the social media sphere regularly changes and recent news that young people are turning their backs on Facebook is no surprise to those who remember MySpace; one constant (so far) is LinkedIn. While other social networks tackle types of media (Youtube, Flickr,etc) or general social networking (Twitter, Facebook, etc.); LinkedIn focuses on business relationships.

A recent study from the FTI shows that 7 out of 10 financial advisors are using social media to develop business and that 9 out of 10 of them choose LinkedIn for business social networking. It also shows that 60% of financial advisors who use LinkedIn have increased their business via LinkedIn.

Given that insurance and financial services share a lot of the same footprint; it seems natural to assume that insurance brokers are either leveraging LinkedIn in a similar way or they’re trying to leverage LinkedIn in the same way.

More than Connection

LinkedIn’s professional space offers the user the chance to do more than just connect with clients. They can demonstrate their expertise in their line of work through joining industry groups and contributing to discussions. This enables further brand building and the increased perception of someone’s thought leadership in their markets too.

There are also undoubtedly compliance issues that insurers have to face when using social media and it’s important to balance the freedom to create and share content with this. Restrictive corporate networking policies which prevent access to social media may well be overkill but internal written policies need to be robust enough to ensure that users think before they post.

Hearsay Social for LinkedIn

Hearsay specializes in managing LinkedIn marketing efforts in the financial sphere. The idea is that marketers can use the corporate presence to bring results whilst compliance is continuously assured.  You can share you content in the way you want to share your content be it with prospective clients, existing customers or potential hires.

It also integrates with the LinkedIn Sales Navigator system. That’s a useful tool for teams looking to use LinkedIn to push sales at the enterprise level.

There’s also a content library that has been developed by both Hearsay and LinkedIn themselves to support the release of content on corporate accounts. It’s been built with a bunch of articles, etc. that can be quickly shared not just on LinkedIn but on other social media presences too. Using social media to build meaningful communication should be much easier in the future.

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